What is F.U. Money? Part 1 (A Definition)

What is F.U. Money?

Much like an emergency fund sitting in an account in case something out of the ordinary happens – like needing to replace an appliance in your kitchen or fixing your car so you can get to work – F.U. money is also saved up funds – but for something much more exciting…  for FREEDOM!

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Freedom! Freeedom! Freeeedom!

I quit the 9-5 drudgery for a new life on my terms!

A few weeks ago started a very new chapter in life – one not beholden to a particular schedule, commute, office, or even a clock-watching manager!  After years of minimizing our stuff, significantly lowering our expenses, paying off debt completely, shoring up retirement accounts, and watching our net worth grow – I’ve decided to pull the plug on my 9-5 career as I’ve come to know it the last 20 years.  Unless a too good to pass up opportunity shows up – I don’t plan on working as a W-2 employee again for a very long time – if not forever.

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