What is F.U. Money? Part 2 (the 1st of 2 real life case studies)

Now that F.U. money has been defined (see part #1) – I want to dive into the 1st of 2 real scenarios in my life where F.U. money was indispensable in making sure I was able to leave a job without a backup plan or another job to go to. Each scenario is very different in why I left and how I viewed and ended up using the F.U. money.

F.U. scenario #1 – Moving Across The Country

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What is F.U. Money? Part 1 (A Definition)

What is F.U. Money?

Much like an emergency fund sitting in an account in case something out of the ordinary happens – like needing to replace an appliance in your kitchen or fixing your car so you can get to work – F.U. money is also saved up funds – but for something much more exciting…  for FREEDOM!

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Goals for this blog – too many!

Imagine Your Dream.  Create Your Happiness.  Live Your Life.

Those are words on a small canvas I bought at the Goodwill on half price Saturday – for $1.50.  I happened to stumble into it at some random place in the store as I’m sure someone grabbed it and then changed their mind.  It’s not the only canvas or decor item I’ve ever bought there (you can judge me I don’t care!)  – but certainly the best.  The Goodwill store in our neighborhood is like a department store – relatively clean, very organized, and lots of STUFF.  And it’s CHEAP.

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Freedom! Freeedom! Freeeedom!

I quit the 9-5 drudgery for a new life on my terms!

A few weeks ago started a very new chapter in life – one not beholden to a particular schedule, commute, office, or even a clock-watching manager!  After years of minimizing our stuff, significantly lowering our expenses, paying off debt completely, shoring up retirement accounts, and watching our net worth grow – I’ve decided to pull the plug on my 9-5 career as I’ve come to know it the last 20 years.  Unless a too good to pass up opportunity shows up – I don’t plan on working as a W-2 employee again for a very long time – if not forever.

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Ghosting My Blog – Seriously? Yeah and here’s why…

One of the big no-no’s in trying to build out a website and blog with the intent of having others, well, read it, is to keep it updated.  After buying my domain and setting up my email in July 2018 the desire and intent was there but the scenario and circumstances conspired against that.  The cosmic forces told me in brutal fashion I was not ready.

I took a step back after realizing a few mountains, hills, and molehills needed to be climbed and conquered.

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