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Years in planning and arriving right after 2017’s Hurricane Harvey with only what I could fit on a motorcycle –  I am a transplant to Corpus Christi, South Texas from the upper Midwest in St Paul, MN and where I spent the first 39 years of life.  The youngest of 5 I grew up independently and with a tenacious, resilient, and keen sense of self that my father instilled in me.  I am impatient, hard-working, and unafraid  – particularly now with a Type I Diabetes diagnosis in March 2018 while spending several days in the ICU for Diabetic Keto-Acidosis – two weeks before I turned 40.  I had no idea I was that sick and it was a shock diagnosis.  After being severely depressed and overwhelmed while slowly getting my strength back – it pushed me to go for all the lingering goals I’ve kept pushing off.  Before my life revolved around the corporate career ladder, a mythical retirement that no one is guaranteed to live long enough to enjoy, drinking way too much, drama from disappointing relationships, and letting others and my job dictate my happiness.

Focusing on better health with eating fresh low carbohydrate food, more exercise, meditation, removing the clutter, and not letting fear overtake me has opened up life and cleared my thinking I never thought possible.

As of mid-2019 – I became FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT at the age of 41.  I am a former Finance MBA graduate with experience in a Fortune 500 corporate environment and some Higher Ed experience working at a University, data science/personal finance/computer science student, vacation real estate owner, beach-seeker, and wind-rider with my Harley every chance I get.  This blog is dedicated to changes and reinvention to fully live – currently and for a future of being productive, a better world citizen, and finding happiness.   I’m only getting started.

This blog is not necessarily about Diabetes, eating well, exercise, or even motorcycles (although I will discuss all of those things many times I’m sure) but rather the attitude and mindfulness around all things I am working on – financial independence, big and small goals of all kinds, along with the ideas of helping others that might be going through the same things.

Email me at beth@lifeistoreinvent.com


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