One month into mini-retirement – and as many as I want to go!

In thinking the last few nights of what I wanted my next post to cover – I decided to keep it easy and just give a “one month in” update and a few strange and dull things that have happened.

Here is what I have learned so far:

  1.  When telling people such as neighbors the reason why I’m around during the day now that “I’m retired” – they look at me with bafflement and think I’m either lying (or dying).  Then they try to find me a job!  There’s a reason I threw out all my office clothes and shaved most of my hair off as I didn’t want to be coerced into an HR office for an interview for something that I don’t need.
  2. I legitimately have no idea what day it is most of the time – except for Saturday when all the neighbors are around.  Weekends are noisy!  Bring on Monday morning that I now love.  It’s quiet, starts off around 6:30 a.m., with coffee watching the sun come up over the water, and a couple hours of podcasts and reading.
  3. I don’t live for the future anymore.  Gone are the dragging afternoons staring at a computer screen waiting for the clock to hit 5 p.m.  Gone are the countdowns to the weekend.  Now I focus solely on what needs to be accomplished that day and how it fits into my 90 day rolling project plans of big ideas.
  4. I think a LOT LESS about money and the details around it.  I still continue to live cheap, keep the rental income coming in, and get the difference into the brokerage account.  My overall plan is to not touch principal for as long as possible.
  5. Now that I don’t feel the need to drink away the displeasure of an unfulfilling job everyday – I drink a lot less alcohol which in turn has improved my overeating afterward for dinner.  I haven’t changed my coffee or my evening beer habit with my favorite black kitty!
  6. And speaking of eating less – my health and energy has improved and is continuing to improve.  So far I rely on a very low carb diet, a walking plan, and as little insulin as I can get away with.  Mornings when I worked I had a fasting glucose of a very stubborn 125-130.  Now with less stress and cortisol hitting the bloodstream I am in a normal person range of 85-110 most mornings!  I am very happy with that and excited to see how that has impacted my A1C of which I find out in a couple weeks!  The plan is to start adding in some running now that is is (mercifully) cooling off a bit.
  7. It’s also embarrassing how little I need to be happy.  Hot coffee, some podcasts, a book, some good walking shoes, and a quick bag to toss in the truck to head to the beach.  I have sold off a bunch more of my stuff I don’t need, including some furniture we never sat on or used, and cleared out my closet except for a handful of outfits I wear every week.  I’m eyeballing the TV since we haven’t turned it on in months – I wonder what that’s worth?

Life is good.  Opening up time to think and spend it how I want and focus on the little things day to day to be happy has been the focus.  It’s hassle-free, clutter-free, and just plain awesome.  My 90 day self-imposed task plan is still as full as ever and I’m excited to get started and to keep going.



Author: BethF

I'm Beth - Newly financially free - a constantly evolving human balancing life dreams, mindfulness, and - a chronic condition called Type 1 Diabetes. Dedicated to those who want to live BIG, BOLD and UNAFRAID. - with a focus on maintaining health, finances, minimalism, a lust for travel and knowledge, education, motorcycles, spirituality, and interesting life experiences.