Freedom! Freeedom! Freeeedom!

I quit the 9-5 drudgery for a new life on my terms!

A few weeks ago started a very new chapter in life – one not beholden to a particular schedule, commute, office, or even a clock-watching manager!  After years of minimizing our stuff, significantly lowering our expenses, paying off debt completely, shoring up retirement accounts, and watching our net worth grow – I’ve decided to pull the plug on my 9-5 career as I’ve come to know it the last 20 years.  Unless a too good to pass up opportunity shows up – I don’t plan on working as a W-2 employee again for a very long time – if not forever.

It’s been an interesting couple years of moving across the country, starting over in a lot of ways, and taking risks.  It’s also been eye-opening on finding out what actually matters in life – namely happiness and health – and unfortunately the baggage and stress of an unfulfilling office job was not conducive to those non-negotiable things.

The plan going forward is to spend the next year or so to read, write, travel, and learn.  And being 41 years old – there’s a big future still ahead of how to optimize for that happiness and health.

I plan on documenting my journey into this FI/RE (financial independence / retire early) lifestyle and writing about money, finance strategy, minimalism, adventures, new hobbies, and my health after this T1D diagnosis.  I plan on keeping my current side hustles and trying new ideas of passive income to live a laptop lifestyle.  Will I stop working?  No way!  But it will be on my terms.

Make no mistake – this was well-thought, planned, and I’m ready to get started.  When you live life only for the future – you run out of future faster.


Author: BethF

I'm Beth - Newly financially free - a constantly evolving human balancing life dreams, mindfulness, and - a chronic condition called Type 1 Diabetes. Dedicated to those who want to live BIG, BOLD and UNAFRAID. - with a focus on maintaining health, finances, minimalism, a lust for travel and knowledge, education, motorcycles, spirituality, and interesting life experiences.