Goals for this blog – too many!

Imagine Your Dream.  Create Your Happiness.  Live Your Life.

Those are words on a small canvas I bought at the Goodwill on half price Saturday – for $1.50.  I happened to stumble into it at some random place in the store as I’m sure someone grabbed it and then changed their mind.  It’s not the only canvas or decor item I’ve ever bought there (you can judge me I don’t care!)  – but certainly the best.  The Goodwill store in our neighborhood is like a department store – relatively clean, very organized, and lots of STUFF.  And it’s CHEAP.

It’s like Walmart – people either love it or hate it.  I love it – especially every other Saturday when everything is half price.  You can walk out with a huge armload of things and spend less than $20.  It’s amazing.  I hate spending unnecessary gobs of money on stuff that doesn’t really matter much to me but I still need to buy.  Like sandals for the 100 degree heat here, dishes so I don’t have to fill the landfills with more paper/plastic plates, and khaki shorts!  During one of our (many) outings to get much-needed things for our new house and wardrobe – I stumbled into this random sign that looks like a painting and bought it.  Now it’s in my office and reminds me every day why I work full-time, why I take classes, why I have a stack of books waiting to be read, why I lift weights and have cut out almost all carbohydrates to bring my A1C down, why I have to-do lists, why I manage my money like I do, and why I plan out everything.

I tried to put together a reasoning of why I need a blog and of course a list of goals ended up being produced and then another version and true to any type A personality – is being constantly analyzed and refined.  It’s a working document – much like my to-do “bucket” list but here’s a snapshot:

Goals version 1:

  1. Blather on about things that interest me and possibly others – things such as financial independence, very low carb eating, being a minimalist, and documenting adventures in traveling and starting a business (or two).  Oh and improve my writing!
  2. Be able to write about things that I’ve always wanted to do with the intent of encouraging myself to actually accomplish those goals.
  3. Network with others and share ideas.
  4. Organize my thoughts and create priorities for life.
  5. Make this into a passive income stream via advertising.

Goals version 2 > next level (Define my overall big goals)

  1.  Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) – retirement goals/updates, dividend stocks / reinvestment, index fund investing, airbnb, general real estate;  other side businesses and hustles
    2.  Define like a project manager what streams of work need to happen and steps to get there
    3.  Give overall encouragement to self via writings
    4.  Give recommendations to others and stimulate conversation
    5.  Health topics – exercise, eating, diabetes management, insulin options
    6.  Better world topics – sustain ability, gardening, community, women/girls topics
    7.  Past events and life learnings – family, mc rides, traveling, health changes, relationships
    8.  Goals around things that i’m scared of
    9.  Spirituality
    10.  Current Open Educational Resource (OER) classes/new hobbies

It’s an exiting time and very scary too!


Author: BethF

I'm Beth - Newly financially free - a constantly evolving human balancing life dreams, mindfulness, and - a chronic condition called Type 1 Diabetes. Dedicated to those who want to live BIG, BOLD and UNAFRAID. - with a focus on maintaining health, finances, minimalism, a lust for travel and knowledge, education, motorcycles, spirituality, and interesting life experiences.